Verdile's Restaurant... Then and now

Verdile's was started as a two-person shoestring operation by Raphael and Frances Verdile in 1943. Raphael manned the kitchen while Frances greeted customers and served the dinners.

Verdile's moved to its present location in 1951 and turned over a great portion of the management to the next generation represented by their son, Michael. In 1961 the dining facilities were again enlarged to include the present dining room. Through the years, Michael has adhered to the basic philosophy established by his parents: First - Quality food, cleanliness and efficient service at reasonable prices.

Customers still remember the intimate four stool restaurant and tell stories when they bring their children and grandchildren to the present Verdile's. Verdile's is celebrating 66 years in business. The third generation, Michael Verdile Jr. is now in the kitchen following in the steps of his father and grandfather.

Recently in 2011, Verdile's was given a Capital Region Excellence in Business award by Senator Roy McDonald, notifying that Verdile's contributes to making the Capital Region a "great place to live, work, and raise a family".

2011 Excellence in Business award

Verdile's history